( Mar. 11th, 2017 09:24 am)
I suppose I should actually use this journal for something other than reading other peoples' posts. So I'm going to try returning to something I did occasionally long ago when I had reliable income: Reporting on the cheese samples I pick up at places like Whole Foods and Lunds/Byerly's. Today's roundup:

Cromwell Somerdale England - This tastes like a dry, herby cheddar. I couldn't quite place which herb, but reading the label reveals that it's dried chives. A bit crumbly in texture, but the chives give it a nice touch.

Cordobes Spanish Sheep Milk Cheese Mitica - a fairly generic goat milk cheese. Pleasant but not memorable.

Sriracha Gouda Emmi Roth Wisconsin - A Emmenthaler family cheese, with a thin red rind that I recommend slicing off. The Sriracha aroma comes through quite clearly, and the cheese + spice combination works. If you are a fan of Sriracha (as I am), you will definitely enjoy this cheese.
If you're looking for the LJ account formerly known as Yarram, you found her.

Rose Lemberg has written an essay, On the pitfalls of “merit”. I have Feelings about two Hugo nominees in particular (Vox Day and Brian Sanderson), and the essay echoes some of my own thoughts on the subject.




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