Yarram ([personal profile] yarram) wrote2017-03-11 09:24 am
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Cheese Journal

I suppose I should actually use this journal for something other than reading other peoples' posts. So I'm going to try returning to something I did occasionally long ago when I had reliable income: Reporting on the cheese samples I pick up at places like Whole Foods and Lunds/Byerly's. Today's roundup:

Cromwell Somerdale England - This tastes like a dry, herby cheddar. I couldn't quite place which herb, but reading the label reveals that it's dried chives. A bit crumbly in texture, but the chives give it a nice touch.

Cordobes Spanish Sheep Milk Cheese Mitica - a fairly generic goat milk cheese. Pleasant but not memorable.

Sriracha Gouda Emmi Roth Wisconsin - A Emmenthaler family cheese, with a thin red rind that I recommend slicing off. The Sriracha aroma comes through quite clearly, and the cheese + spice combination works. If you are a fan of Sriracha (as I am), you will definitely enjoy this cheese.

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